High Priced Consultants Selling Snake Oil

City Council Hires Consultants To “Sell” Voters On A Tax Hike

The Scenario The Ventura City Council is determined to raise taxes again by putting a measure on the ballot in November to increase sales taxes by 0.5%-1%. Two previous attempts failed. As is customary, they are not completely forthcoming or transparent when they are trying to extract more money from the citizenry. On January 30, […]

False state of the city for Ventura 2016

The Real Story Behind Ventura’s Proposed Sales Tax Increase

THE CAMEL IS TRYING TO GET ITS NOSE INTO THE TENT     Ventura City Council is looking for a permanent sales tax increase of 0.5%-1%.  It is a forever tax, despite any protestations to the contrary. Can this Council be trusted to spend the new money wisely to benefit the community, or will they waste it? […]

Ventura City Hall

When Spending $118,000 On A Poll Costs You More Money

VENTURA CITY COUNCIL SPENDS $118,000 TO ASK VOTERS TO INCREASE TAXES – AGAIN On April 14, 2015, the City Council directed the City Manager to conduct a “community survey” to gauge interest in future revenue options (government speak for  raise taxes) to support community services for a fee of $38,000.  They did that and spent […]

Last Chance To Oppose Higher Water Rates

Act Now To Prevent Higher Water Rates! Monday June 8th is your last day to act if you want to oppose an increase in water rates.  Your protest must be filed with the City Clerk before 6 PM. On this Monday,  Ventura City Council will decide on whether to adopt the Ventura Water report , […]

City Makes It Hard For Citizens To Protest Water Rates Increase

NOTICE OF RIGHT TO VOTE AND PROTEST WATER RATES INCREASE [State sets Ventura Water Conservation at 16%] If you are a property owner you have received a NOTICE REGARDING SETTING OF WATER RATES from the City of Ventura (Ventura Water). It was mailed in April. This notice details what the new rates will be, under […]

Pension Liabilities Threaten Ventura's Financial Health

Pension Liabilities Threaten Ventura’s Financial Health

VENTURA’S FINANCES – HEALTHY, OR NOT ? At the Ventura City Council meeting on February 23, 2015, our Mayor will discuss The State of the City.  It is to be expected that she will praise the accomplishments of the City, such as creation of a Water Commission to address water shortage issues and the City […]

Ventura's water shortage

Ventura’s Water Crisis Is A Study In Procrastination

THE CHICKENS MAY HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST OVER WATER ISSUES  [A STUDY IN PROCRASTINATION] We’re in the worst drought in 100 years. The State of California, the City of Ventura and everyone else is concerned about water.  Lake Cachuma is almost dry, Santa Barbara decides to finance and build a desalinization plant and Montecito […]

Ventura needs a Water Commission to oversee the water and wastewater processing.

Now Is The Time To Appoint A Water Commission

WATER – A PEARL OF GREAT PRICE [The Right to Protest and Need for a Water Commission] On March 12th the need for Ventura to create a Water Commission became clear. Ventura City Water/Wastewater Department mailed a notice to property owners advising that effective July 1, 2014, the rates that Venturans will pay for water […]

Budget workshop lacks financial transparency

Don’t Let A Charade Fool You Into Believing Ventura’s Financial Transparency

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. THE ILLUSION OF FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY Ventura is holding a Budget Workshop on Monday, March 17, 2014. It may be a meaningless exercise, however, unless the City applies integrity and common sense to the process. Otherwise, the process is rife with budget manipulations owing […]

Busting Ventura’s Budget Myths And Fantasies

PENSIONS BUST BUDGETS [Grappling with Money and Economic Reality] The City Council race concluded with the reelection of Councilmen Andrews, Monahan and Tracy plus a new councilman, Eric Nasarenko.  Our new Councilman was elected as Deputy Mayor at the last Council meeting and will serve in that capacity next year.  We congratulate each member of […]