How To Connect To Your 2019 Ventura City Councilmembers

Louis L'Amour

To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers.
—Louis L’Amour

Our federalist system gives us many opportunities to participate in our democracy. Some forms of participation are more common than others. And some citizens participate more than others, but almost everyone has a voice in government.

Meet Your 2019 City Councilmembers

We have a new Ventura City Council for 2019. We have three new Councilmember sand four incumbents. Each of them has an email account with the city. Not everyone knows how to contact them, though.

Governing By Districts

For the first time in Ventura’s history, our Councilmembers were elected by districts. While each Councilmember was elected by constituents in their district, they serve the entire city. You should feel free to contact any Councilmember regardless of the district in which you live.

Click On A Councilmembers Photo To Email

Below you’ll find the photos of our current City Council. Click on any Councilmember’s photo and you’ll open your email program ready to write directly to that Councilmember.

Let then know what you’re thinking. Tell them what they’re doing right and what they could improve upon. No matter what you write, however, share your opinion. Not participating in government makes us worse because our city government isn’t working for all of us.

Councilmembers Councilmembers
Councilmembers Councilmembers
Councilmembers Councilmembers

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2 replies
  1. Joe Charles
    Joe Charles says:

    Great people. I attended a session 1-28-19 and it was great. We covered hope for homeless people instead of just dumping them on streets.

    • billfrank
      billfrank says:

      Thanks for your comment, Joe. I hope you know your comment went to VREG, not the City Council. We’re glad you though Monday’s meeting was great. The homeless shelter will house 55 Ventura homeless maximum. We’re still awaiting the homeless count by the County, but the number of homeless was higher than 55 in 2018. That means not all homeless will fit in the shelter. Also, Mercy (the organization that will run the shelter for $200 per person per night) did not assert they would help raise funds to defray the cost of the shelter (beyond their normal fundraising activities). That is a change from the way the city characterized our relationship with Mercy. The real proof of success will be the cost savings in reduced police calls for service, emergency room visits, code enforcement, and any additional business to downtown stores. I’m skeptical the savings will offset the costs.


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