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Brooks Institute Fiasco Exemplifies Ventura’s Bad Money Management

“EVERYONE’S ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION, BUT NOT THEIR OWN FACTS” —Daniel Patrick Moynihan  Brooks Institute continues to be an issue Ventura’s City Council’s bad deal with Brooks Institute exposes its lack of financial understanding. The Council and the city staff are scrambling to cover up those flaws. They’re feeding voters information designed to distract the public from […]

Election Rancor Flares Up In Ventura

ELECTION RANCOR AND MALICE IN OUR MIDST It will be hard for anyone not to remember this election. The election rancor and display of malice that has bombarded us on a daily basis by many of the candidates, and those supporting or opposing ballot measures, has been destructive if not disgusting. The disrespect shown the […]

Special Interests Line Up For Their Share Of Measure O

FEEDING AT THE PUBLIC TROUGH The Yes on Measure O Committee reported contributions of $30,000.  Of that, over $10,000 has been spent with a public relations firm to convince you to vote yes.  (This is in addition to the $144,000 the city has already spent on consultants and a 4-color brochure). They argument has been […]

When Spending $118,000 On A Poll Costs You More Money

VENTURA CITY COUNCIL SPENDS $118,000 TO ASK VOTERS TO INCREASE TAXES – AGAIN On April 14, 2015, the City Council directed the City Manager to conduct a “community survey” to gauge interest in future revenue options (government speak for  raise taxes) to support community services for a fee of $38,000.  They did that and spent […]