City Government Clueless About What Citizens Need

THE END OF THE FIRST DECADE It is the end of the first decade of the 21st century.  This first ten years have been marred by war, scandal, fraud, economic failure and government malfeasance at all levels. Venturans will also be happy to turn the page and try to rebuild.  The questions is whether local […]

Ventura asks for more money in Measure A

Shameless Politicians Propose Measure A For More Money

911 TAX – POSTMORTEM [THE GREAT BOONDOGLE. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?] The City Council keeps saying they do not understand why the citizens of this community have such distrust for city government.  They are not likely to understand if they are not listening. No need to again examine the history and the woof of […]

Pension reform needed

Grand Jury Exposes City Pension Out of Control

THE FLEECING OF VENTURA On July 26th the Ventura County Star published an article about the deplorable conditions of the public pension plans in Ventura.   The Ventura Grand Jury labeled these city pension plans as headed for disaster — an out of control cost [They actually said “uncontrollable cost”].  To see how out of control […]

Tax & Spend California

Failed Tax Initiatives Force California To Look For Money Elsewhere

  THE FAILED TAX INITIATIVES [WHAT IT MEANS FOR VENTURA] California voters sent a message in the last election about a state government out of control, and out of touch. By rejecting the political establishment’s $16 billion in higher taxes, spending gimmickry and more borrowing, the voters got it right.  They are willing to accept […]

living dead because Ventura has no money

The Ghost of No Money Haunts Pensions and Cemetery Park

THE SPECTRE OF BANKRUPTCY [T.E.A. PARTY ANYONE?] In the August 2008 edition of this newsletter, we suggested that Ventura “may” be following the missteps of the City of Vallejo right into bankruptcy court. After you read this you will realize that our unfunded pension debt and contractual obligations are staggering.  We as a community owe […]

Government tax burden

No New Tax Will Make Up for Lost Investments and Bad Management

THE VENTURA BUDGET CRUNCH [SEND IN THE CLOWNS] On January 24, 2009, at 8am the City of Ventura held a special meeting at the Police/ Fire Department community room with the full City Council to discuss the city budget.  This  “public hearing” was on a Saturday and was not televised. The usual coterie was present.  […]

Citizens Don't trust Ventura City government

Ventura City Government Gives Citizens Few Reasons To Trust Them

Keeping Track Of Lost Opportunities, Revenues and Unnecessary Expenses With the passing of sales tax increases in Oxnard and Port Hueneme, it will come as no surprise to Venturans that our city Council will take this as a signal that it is time to attempt to impose a new sales tax increase again in Ventura. […]

Ventura government needs constant watching

Update on Ventura’s City Government Policy Issues

SUMMARY UPDATE In previous editions we treated issues that are important to our community. We now provide updates on those issues as they have evolved and as information has become available from our city government: (A) The 911 Fee The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) has undertaken the task of prosecuting this action on behalf […]

Keeping track of the City Council

Keeping You Up-to-Date On The City Council Decisions

SUMMARY UPDATE OF CITY COUNCIL DECISIONS In our last several publications we treated issues that are important to our community. We now provide updates on those issues as they have evolved and as information has become available: (A) The 911 Fee You refused to pay, filled out the forms and opted out, but you are […]