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How To Contact Your 2017 Ventura City Councilmembers

Our federalist system gives us many opportunities to participate in our democracy. Some forms of participation are more common than others. And some citizens participate more than others, but almost everyone has a voice in government. Meet Your 2017 City Councilmembers We have a new Ventura City Council for 2017. We have one new Councilmember […]

Oversight Of Measure O Is Untenable in Ventura

ELECTION AFTERMATH 2016 was a fascinating and challenging election year at all levels of government.  The City of Ventura was no exception.  Voters elected a new City Council Member and passed two City Charter amendments. Most remarkable of all, Ventura voters approved an increase in the sales tax. This will impact Ventura for 25 years. The city staff and City […]

Brooks Institute Fiasco Exemplifies Ventura’s Bad Money Management

“EVERYONE’S ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION, BUT NOT THEIR OWN FACTS” —Daniel Patrick Moynihan  Brooks Institute continues to be an issue Ventura’s City Council’s bad deal with Brooks Institute exposes its lack of financial understanding. The Council and the city staff are scrambling to cover up those flaws. They’re feeding voters information designed to distract the public from […]